In about 10 hours the first episode of NaNoWrimo The Musical will be available for viewing by the whole interweb on Youtube. I can’t even put into words how unbelievably excited I am. This project is my behind-camera directorial debut and was an absolutely idyllic first experience. Sure we had no money, no time (one month for 6 episodes with MUSICAL numbers…not stressful, not stressful at all), and no crane (I really wanted a crane), but the whole experience was so much fun.

As you will all see in a few hours, we have an EXCEPTIONAL cast who were so willing to go above and beyond their acting duties and help out whenever necessary. I am so proud of all their performances and I hope they are too. I was also fortunate enough to have a dream team in terms of my A.D. and camera ops.

I don’t mean to gush too much, or sound too over-joyed, so just trust me when I say this is me tuning down the level of pride and gush. In reality I’m in full mode. I hope that you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed making it. Projects like this are often referred to as labors of love, and while we all worked extroadinarily hard, the love certainly outweighed the labor. I’m rambling now, my point is enjoy! And for those of our viewers who are also partaking in NaNoWrimo- happy writing!


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