In just over twelve hours, we will be launching Episode 1 of NaNoMusical.  It feels a little unreal.  I’ve started about ten blog posts, but almost all of them end up sounding overly sentimental and I can’t seem to really express just how insane and awesome this whole process has been.  Did we give ourselves enough time?  Nope.  Do we have a polished product?  Hardly.  Am I proud of what we’ve accomplished?  More than words can say.  So I’ve decided to save the mushy emotions for another time, and for today list the top ten things I learned doing NaNoMusical, in no particular order:

  1.  Extension cords are everyone’s friend, except when someone trips over one and breaks a light.  Then they’re an enemy.
  2. If you decide to shoot outside, it’s almost always going to rain.  And if it doesn’t rain, somebody will start a lawn mower.
  3. As it turns out, four hours is not an ideal time to shoot two musical numbers involving large numbers of people.
  4. Sound equipment is always optional, but probably a good investment.
  5. Scheduling six people with full time jobs is just as hard as it looks.  Harder, even.
  6. Using your apartment as a set is always a cheaper option, but prepare to have it destroyed, especially by energetic Asian creative partners named Errol.
  7. As good as it is to have friends who will support you through your crazy stressful times, it’s also good to have friends who are brave enough to say “you’re such a freak”.
  8. Having a creative partner who is not only willing to sit through late night Skype writing sessions but who also never stops forcing you to try new things is incredibly valuable.
  9. It’s probably a good idea to know how a camera works before you turn it on.
  10. Finding talented people to be involved is important.  Finding talented people who will work for chips is absolutely essential.

I have no idea how anyone will react to our NaNoMusical.  But I do know that it was a lot of fun to do :D.  See you guys in twelve hours!

Manda aka Val


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