During the filming of NanoWrimo the Musical I had a lot of fun. There was lots of laughing, silly times and line flubs. That you all expect. What they don’t tell you is that you get injured. In my case, 3 times! They didn’t tell me that might happen.

The first time was just before the shooting of the second day of ukulele shooting. I was at home in my bedroom and too lazy to get up and close the door, so I leveraged it shut from the inside…and crushed my index finger. It hurt – way too much! I screamed and cried like a baby for an hour, occasionally blubbering “but I have to play the ukulele tomorrow!!!” This is where the movie magic happens – I did wave my hand in front of the ukulele, but if you’re good you’ll notice that those are the close- up shots of Jill…

Injury number 2: Stubbing my toe on Manda’s bathroom tile and bleeding on her floor. Any episode set in Val’s apartment you can imagine my stoic acting.

Injury number 3: Well, this isn’t an injury really – but I also got sick. I sounded like Kathleen Turner and coughed after lots of takes. It was super glamorous. If you really pay attention, you’ll hear my voice change from episode to episode…. It was all Luke’s fault, as you’ll see in episode 4!

See? There’s things they don’t tell you when you sign up to shoot a musical! All that said – I would do it again. But I’d insist on an insurance plan!

Random note: After episode 2 aired, I had a lot of people asking me (with incredulous looks) “Do you really play ukulele?!”  

The answer to that question – if you were wondering – is “Oh God no! That was someone much more talented than I!”

Then I would tell them a little bit about the magic of movies….



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