I’m worried I’m that guy.

That guy that tells you his one fishing story about how he caught that fish. You don’t really know much about fishing, and you don’t even know how you got involved in the conversation, but here you are, listening to that story, about that same fish.

But I can’t help myself. As some of you know, I write the Nanotoons with Debbie Ohi, and last year, I drew a nanotoon and mentioned Neil Gaiman. He tweeted it and this threw me into such a fanboy frenzy that I needed to blog about it.

Took me forever to find the tweet just to screen cap it…

Ever since then, I wanted to write a song about this experience! I know some of you have had him tweet or retweet your tweets, and I know some of you have felt the same elation. It’s exciting! He spent time actually writing a four word sentence about me! This is utterly cool and no one in my family really understands it, but I knew Wrimos would.

So when I wrote this musical, I needed to write the song “Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me”. Why? Because I knew you could relate! I knew you would know the joy!

Yes, I have had some people ask me who Neil Gaiman was but  my spirit was not crushed. And it also helps that I know I have something in common with him: I know Jon Singer too. 😀


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  1. dawnstarpony says:

    You are my favorite fanboy.

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