It’s Week 4 of NaNo 2013 and we have a new ML Update from Rick and Val! Yay!

I’m (Manda) actually at about 31k right now and woefully behind. Errol’s sister is visiting and she’s awesome so OF COURSE I’m going to hang out with her :D.

Out of the topics we’ve covered in our updates, this is one that admittedly annoys me more than the rest of the issues we’ve brought up. Every year at the end of NaNo, I’ve had at least one or two Wrimos approach me, stars of hope and excitement in their eyes, asking me if I would like to read their novel and they could totally send it to me.

The answer is always no now. At first I felt bad for saying no. These people had worked hard, after all. But then I realized that saying “yes” would mean I myself would never get any writing done for all of the first drafts of novels I was reading.

And so I say “no” pretty much all the time, usually with a laugh, and they are understanding. Errol was a little less lucky in that someone took it very personally he wasn’t willing to read their novel. Don’t take it personally, guys. We’re all busy folks :D. More importantly, we need rest after NaNo. I am far more interested in drowning my brain in video games after NaNo than seeing even more novels! What sorts of things do you do to recuperate?

Happy Week 4 everyone, stay stalwart!


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